Nick Seewald

Nick Seewald

Sixth-Year PhD Candidate in Statistics

University of Michigan

Hi, I’m Nick.

I develop statistical methodology for the design and analysis of randomized trials which yield complex longitudinal data for precision health. Specifically, I focus on methods that aid in the construction of decision rules which specify for whom to provide what treatment and when. I take a broad approach to this, seeking to make an impact in both statistics and domain sciences from a project’s inception to the dissemination of results.

My Ph.D. is supervised by Daniel Almirall, Ph.D., and I’m a member of the Data Science for Dynamic Intervention Decision-Making lab at the University of Michigan’s Institute for Social Research.

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  • Dynamic Treatment Regimens
  • Sequential, Multiple-Assignment Randomized Trials
  • Randomized Trial Design
  • Complex Longitudinal Data


  • PhD in Statistics, 2020 (expected)

    University of Michigan

  • MA in Statistics, 2018

    University of Michigan

  • MS in Biostatistics, 2015

    University of Michigan

  • BS in Mathematics, 2013

    University of Notre Dame

Recent Publications

Sample Size Considerations for Comparing Dynamic Treatment Regimens in a Sequential Multiple-Assignment Randomized Trial with a Continuous Longitudinal Outcome

Clinicians and researchers alike are increasingly interested in how best to personalize interventions. A dynamic treatment regimen is a …

Practical Considerations for Data Collection and Management in Mobile Health Micro-Randomized Trials

There is a growing interest in leveraging the prevalence of mobile technology to improve health by delivering momentary, contextualized …

Recent & Upcoming Talks

Sample Size and Timepoint Tradeoffs for Comparing Dynamic Treatment Regimens in a Longitudinal SMART

Clinical practice often involves delivering a sequence of treatments which adapts to a patient’s changing needs. A dynamic treatment …

Sample Size and Timepoint Tradeoffs for Comparing Dynamic Treatment Regimens in a Longitudinal SMART


MRT-SS Calculator

An interactive sample size calculator for micro-randomized trials


An online sample size calculator for binary- and continuous-outcome SMARTs


  • 323 West Hall, 1085 South University, Ann Arbor, MI 48109
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